Monday, August 18, 2008

Malcolm's First Birthday Party

We threw Malcolm a birthday party on the 9th (what? yes I'm behind on posting this. at least I'm making the effort now!) Since he's one and we knew he wasn't going to remember it, we left it very casual. Our close friends came over as did his little playdate friends. Here's a shot of a good portion of the guests:

We cooked burgers on the bbq and hung out for a bit while the kids played. Here's a cute one of Rowan collecting balloons:

I made carrot cupcakes w/o refined sugar & eggs so all of the kids could eat them:

It wasn't until after the party that I put Malcolm in his booster seat and let him eat one unassisted. He enjoyed it muchly:

Everyone seemed to have a good time. First birthday party = success!

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