Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy Summer

We started our summer off right with cool weather and rain. I love Seattle!
Tony & I went to the Home Depot yesterday to pick up some soil, pots and a few plants. We replanted a few things and Tony set up a terrarium. When we stopped by Walgreens the other night, he picked up a venus flytrap and thought it would grow best in that environment.

Wow. How unexciting is that?

Miss Betsyroo! I miss you! Come visit soon :D I will call you this weekend.

Mum, I plan to give you a ring, too.

Screech gets to go to the vet this weekend for a check-up and to get his cough checked out. He was coughing lots and then after I made the appointment, he stopped. Typical. Chris is having a beginning of summer party saturday. Fun will be had!

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