Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson is innocent

My weekend by Kris:

Friday: tour of bed & breakfast places on Capitol Hill. No rooms were available due to graduation weekend. We went to Coastal Kitchen for dinner. After Dad & Carolyn headed to their hotel, Chris & Natalie came over to hang out.

Saturday: treated the folks to massages from Stine. We went to see Star Wars at the Cinerama in the afternoon. Afterwards, we grabbed some good eats at Six Arms.

Sunday: I was hoping we could take a day trip to go whale watching, but it just wasn't feasible with the ferry schedule. Instead of going to the San Juan Islands, we headed to Snoqualmie Falls and then had a late lunch. Afterwards, we headed back home to sit around and chat for a bit before Dad & Carolyn headed back to their hotel and then home this morning.

OK, time for bed!

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betsy said...

you live in a place where a day trip to watch whales is an option ... that's beautiful.