Friday, September 08, 2006

Hello! I am married now! part 2

So where was I? Oh yes - Julie & I arrived at The Smith Tower at around 6:45 and saw that a few guests were still arriving. We head up in the elevator with my dad, Betsy, Kik & Amy. They drop me off on the floor below to wait for everyone to get seated. When I stepped off the elevator, I ran into Photographer Chris and he took me into the bathroom for a quick photo session before he headed upstairs. Jenn, Manda and Dad came back downstairs and we continued to wait for about 20 more minutes for the final guests to arrive and all to be seated. Finally, things were ready to start. The ceremony was sweet and I cried. Afterwards, the family went downstairs for pictures while our guests stared with the drinking and the eating.

The reception was a fun party and the night flew by. Everything ended around 11:30. Sol & Lauren gave us a ride home. Once we got there, we discovered that neither of us had our keys. Oops! Sol gave Tony a ride to where Amanda was to pick up his keys while I hung out with Jessica in her apartment.


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