Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hello! I am married now!

Why did I wake up before 8 AM the day after my wedding? I did this yesterday, too!

This week has been fantastic. Jenn, Cameron, Mom & Paul arrived last weekend/beginning of the week. We got to spend some quality time with them and celebrate Mom's birthday with her. Dad & Carolyn arrived on Wednesday and they kept busy for the rest of the week by picking up the rest of our out-of-town guests up at the airport.

We both took Friday off from work. During the day, Mom, Jenn & I went and got our nails done by the fabulous e. Marie. My nails still look great! Friday night, we had all of the family and a few close friends over to our house for dinner & socializing. Thank goodness for family-sized frozen lasagna! We still have a ton left over. Everyone had a good time.

Saturday, my eyes popped open shortly before 7:30 AM. I was just too excited to sleep. I got out of bed and wrote the ceremony for our wedding. Yes, we hadn't really had much written before the day of! After writing it out, I took a long shower and then got Tony out of bed so we could go over it before our officiant came over (Murray). He arrived shortly after 10 and we hung out for a bit before Jenn & Cameron came over. Elna arrived after 11 to start doing our hair. Natalie, Brenda & Stephanie came over to put together the centerpieces and bouquets. We bought the flowers the day before from the farmers at Pike Place Market. It was fabulous - we did our flowers for $80! - 7 centerpieces, 2 bouquets, 5 boutonnieres and flowers for the cake (all Dahlias) and it looked gorgeous! We bought our vases from Ikea and Carolyn made lovely bows out of ribbon to go around all of the vases. We spent the day getting ready with a quick run to the Chinese Room for a rehearsal and to drop off the centerpieces, cake and liquor. Ton

Jenn, Julie & Natalie spent the rest of the day with me helping me get ready. Around 6:30, the towncar came to pick me and Julie up to head to the wedding (everyone else went in their own cars).

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