Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hello internet land!

This past Monday, we went to go see Peter Murphy at the Showbox. His shows are so different every time I see him. I can't say he was sporting a good look for him, but the show was good. Afterwards, we went to Fenix Underground for some dancing fun.

I did boring stuff the rest of the week (grocery shopping, laundry, etc)

There was weirdness at work this week. I use livejournal to have conversations with my friends and Alysa & Trish found it. It creeps me out that they are reading my personal stuff. For all I know, they could have found this journal, too. I hope not. It's just creepy.

I am really looking foward to spending this 3-day weekend in San Diego. I'll be taking Tony's camera in hopes of taking movies of Cameron crawling around.

OK, I must get up. My sciatica is bothering me :(


betsy said...

cyber stalking is very creepy! Dooce has a pretty funny note on her site about people sending her hateful email ... perhaps you could adopt a similar note on your site ;)

glad you're back in internet land... miss you in the real world, too.

(oh dear, i've just created a blog so i could post a comment on yours ... what ever shall i do?!)

Miss Kris said...

I thought Dooce was one of the blogs that you read. I read it, too! She cracks me up!
If you decide to post in your blog, I will read it!