Friday, May 13, 2005

The pains! They hurt!

I so enjoy hearing New Music that makes me dance. I am thoroughly enjoying The Faint right now.

As some of you know, my body has been yelling at me and didn't like me sitting in front of a computer for so much of my waking day. This meant that I was only in front of a computer at work and not at home. Since work keeps me hella busy, I have lost touch with so many. I think about my far-away family and friends quite often, but am also so bad about picking up the phone and calling.

With that said, the acupuncture treatments have really helped with my sciatica. Who would have thought? Also, i have very exciting news (to me)! Yesterday, we went and got me a shiny, new computer! A Mac Mini! I love it! I haven't found it very difficult to transition from PC to Mac, either. Plus, it's so damn cute!

So...I'm guessing I will want to spend time in front of my fun, new computer! Yay! I mean, come on! It's 9pm on a Friday night and I'm at home sitting in front of my computer. Is that excitement or what? Actually, I've had a headache for 2 days and flaked on our plans tonight. Amanda is going to come over for Movie Fun and we are just going to take it easy.

I went to the Western doctor yesterday per Tony's request to see about my back. She did just what I expected - prescribed me pain killers and physical therapy. I'm going to talk to my chiropractor on Tuesday about the physical therapy. She said she's got a really good therapist that specializes in backs. The pain killers I plan on only using when my back pain disturbes my sleep. The western doc also recommended that I start taking Aleve every day to help with the inflammation. I hate taking pills :(

Stay Tuned for more frequent updates! Now I must do it since i told The Internet that I'm going to.

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