Thursday, May 19, 2005

More consumption and changes at work

In our quest to procure better furniture, we bought a proper TV stand yesterday from Best Buy. Previously, our TV was sitting on a little table and it looked tacky. After dinner, we unload the heavy thing and proceeded to put it together. it was much more complicated then Ikea furniture. I think it took us about 2 hours.

Our couch is meant to be delivered today. The delivery people are supposed to call us an hour before they arrive, but we still haven't heard anything from them. Their window for delivery ends in an hour. *twiddles thumbs impatiently*

Oh! So the work news! Dennis got let go today. There has been lots of work politics/drama as of late so we hope that this step will put all of it to an end. It will be good to get a systems administrator in here that knows what s/he is doing. Also, Tony got a pretty hefty raise.

OK, must get back to work.

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