Tuesday, May 17, 2005

No place to sit and a bump on my head

In preparation for the delivery of our fancy new sofa, I sold our futon. I posted it to craigslist yesterday and someone bought it today! I was really happy that it sold that quickly. Being that we have no place to sit, I'm guessing we won't be watching the Mork & Mindy DVDs that our in our player right now.

I saw the opportunity to mop our wood floors since the biggest piece of furniture was gone. At one point, I was reaching under the kitchen sink to get a sponge and hit my head on the edge of the counter :( It still smarts and I have a nice lump there.

My back got the special treatment of a chiro adjustment and acupuncture today. Debbie, my acupuncturist, did cupping on my upper back for the first time. It felt so weird! I also had Dr. Ellison refer me to a physical therapist. I'm hoping to learn some exercises for my upper back. I know how to stretch and strengthen my lower & mid back, but am at a loss when it comes to the top part.

Our coworkers, Eric and Jessica, will be moving in to one of the apartments in our building next month! They are brother & sister and are cool kids. It sure will make carpooling easy. It looks like Ralph has decided on the new office so we should be moving soon. I will have my very own office! I feel so grown up or something!

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DadCBS said...

How is your head feeling today? We are back in Houston and it won't be long before we see you. I am still trying to figure out a way to see you before the convention. The only thing that I can think of is meeting you for lunch while we are at the airport. How far is the airport from your office. Would it be an easy meet to come over and see us on your lunch hour? Let's talk about it this weekend. Love, Dad