Sunday, August 14, 2005


I will miss Peter Jennings.
I have been using Blogger since 2002. Over 3 years of blabber. How about that?
I played on a jetski today and was afraid to go too fast. I am wimpy. I also wore the mega sunscreen since I am also afraid of skin cancer. This is not wimpy, but is me being cautious for a good reason.
I bought us a bedspread for our bed on Friday so our bedroom looks more "finished". It matches the color of our sheets perfectly. I made a good guess!
We looked at a house on Friday because it has a great yard. We fell in love with the yard, but not the house. We may consider buying sooner than later. First, we need to talk to a mortgage lender before we start seriously looking. It sure does help that our apartment manager is also a Realtor.

Almost every day, i think about how lucky & fortunate I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. Many are too far away, but I still feel lucky that we still are in touch.


betsy said...

actually ... there are plenty of reason to be wimpy about a jetski ... lindsay has several screws and some chicken wire reconstructing her right orbital which was crushed in a jetski accident. so if you ever have doubts... give 'er a ring ;)

you're looking at houses?! that's SO exciting!

love you ms. kris!

Kiker said...

Okay, see I was going to tease you about being wimpy on the jetski. I love them! :)

OOOOHHHHH, houses! that is so super fun. I am really beginning to feel like I belong in my house. It has taken about a year, but I fall more in love with it as it becomes more my space.

I love you!