Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Work = sooper busy getting ready for the move. Ralph fired our CTO on Monday. Ralph just told me today that I'm getting another raise. I think I've gotten 4 raises in the 9 months I've worked here. Go me!

Home = sooper productive this last weekend. Did lots of cleaning at home on Saturday and then went over to Julie's house on Sunday to help her clean. She's preparing to put her house on the market.

Family = Cameron's first birthday was Sunday but he & Jenn were out when I called :(
Jenn, I'm worried about you since I haven't heard back from you yet. I will give you another ring tonight after Cameron is put to bed.

OK, must get to work!


betsy said...

congrats on the raise!!! staying sooper busy is good so long as you're enjoying it and recognized for it.

Miss Kris said...

Thanks! Trust me - my boss is giving me props all the time. he told me today that he's planning on raising my salary another $12k in the next year. it's nutty!

BTW - i forgot to answer a question you asked. We were using Tony's camera for those pics. It's a Sony PowerShot S400. I have the S200. They are great, little cameras and so easy to take anywhere!