Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Out of the closet

I finally came out at work about lil' bean. I'm in my second trimester now and will be showing soon and was tired of making up excuses about so many doctor's appointments. My next appointment is Thursday - we hope to hear lil' bean's heartbeat. The bloating is probably the most uncomfortable thing about my pregnancy so far. I've been eating junk food and still have yet to gain an ounce. I expect to start putting it on soon :)

Utah was a relaxing time. We pretty much just hung out with family. Tony took Casey snowboarding on Saturday. I don't think I left the house once! The kitties sure did miss us.

Our new blinds arrived at the end of last week and we installed them last night. Fun stuff! Unfortunately, one of them got slightly damaged when being shipped, so we must go return it.

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Estelle said...

Aj lost a lot of weight in her first and second trimester. LOST weight. She put it on in the third, though.

Glad you told everyone! How did it go over?

I hope you get to hear the heartbeat soon! It's awesome