Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend feats

- Scrubbed the master bath from top to bottom (except the walls)
- Installed new bathroom fixtures in the guest bath (we've had them for MONTHS)
- Made vegetable stew (potatoes, carrots, collards, kidney beans, tomatoes, onion)

Now that I list it out, it seems like I didn't get a lot done yesterday. Today, my goals are:

- Clean guest bath, half bath & downstairs bath (no tub to scrub so it won't take as long)
- Vacuum
- Organize downstairs guest bedroom
- Take out recycling
- Laundry

Poor Tony is sick with another cold and isn't feeling up to doing much of anything. Teresa was going to come over tonight but we may have to cancel if he's not feeling any better later today.

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Amanda said...

Will you come to OUR house next weekend? We will feed you... ;)