Thursday, February 15, 2007


We heard lil' bean's heartbeat today so we know I'm still pregnant. My diet has been poor (for me) and I've been paying for it with constipation. Yeah, I know constipation happens when your pregnant, but I also know you can prevent it if you eat enough fiber and I have not been eating enough fiber lately. That will be changing now because I am not liking this constipation deal AT ALL. I've got the bloating pretty much under control. Eating smaller meals at night means I wake up ravenous, but oh well.

Tony & I are now having to have the discussion on whether to test for down's syndrome or not to test for it. I don't want to do the test and he does. The test could give false positive results. He says he will be too anxious thoughout the rest of the pregnancy unless he knows. The only comprimise I can come up with is that I get the blood test done and have the doctor call Tony with the results.


Stine said...

Hey you, I had wondered about the state of the little one when you mentioned getting onto the liver cleanse. I just know that pregnant ladies shouldn't be on it, so I wondered. I'm glad you are still preggers, and I look forward to buying many cool clothes for the little tyke.

Anonymous said...


I opted not to have the test - there was nothing they could do anyways to help the baby. Jonna had a false positive with Owen (her 2 y.o.). It also has a little bit of a risk puncturing the placenta to draw out the amibionic fluid. Let Tony know he will have plenty of other things to worry about as a new parent...just you wait! Hee, hee, hee!

Amanda said...

Do one of you guys carry the gene for it? i guess i am a firm believer of "better safe than sorry" (in this case, the safer option being NOT to do the test)--i am so happy everything else is going well, and can't wait to see that big belly!

We were hoping to get out your way in the next 6 months or so...maybe there will be a baby to visit as well. :)