Saturday, July 28, 2007

Learning the basics of parenting

When you make a little person, he doesn't come with an instruction manual. Therefore, we signed up for some classes at Swedish (the hospital where bean will be born). On Monday, we went to the breastfeeding class and learned a lot of good stuff. The instructor even talked about the recent studies that came out regarding plastic bottles and recommended that everyone buy glass if they plan on using breast & bottle. We are so ahead of the game. Thursday, we went to the Newborn Care class which was also very much worth our time. The last class we are taking is Infant CPR next Monday.

I think it's late enough in the game that I can say this without jinxing myself - this pregnancy has been really easy. I cannot believe how lucky I am. Sure, I get occasional heartburn and a bit of back pain, but I have heard that it is so much worse for many women. I have enjoyed being pregnant. Everyone is convinced that since I've had such an easy pregnancy, that I will have an easy labor. I'm definitely not expecting an easy or quick labor, but I'm also not fearing complications. If there are complications, there will be lots of people around to help out.

I'm feeling really good today - my energy is high and I feel well-rested. This is a good thing because there is a very long list of things I want to do around the house :)

I made the compost bin last weekend but haven't had the chance to check on it all week. I'll be adding more items to it today. The thing I'm really wanting to avoid is flies, so I'm hoping that I'm taking all of the proper steps to do so.

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Amanda said...

Good for you for composting! We are trying to find something better suited for "in-town" life--something more contained for right outside of our house.
You guys must be getting so excited for all of this!