Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Nursery in Progress

My energy is back up - I think it was the anemia kicking my ass. I ran out of iron supplements and went about a week w/o. Now I know better! I took some time last night to finish cleaning the crib and put it in place. Here's what the nursery looks like so far:

This is the west wall.

The crib that we scored off of Freecycle.

The north wall with the hide-a-bed.

This room will still be serving as our guest room for awhile. We'll be cosleeping with bean for at least 6 months and can just roll the crib into our bedroom after that when we have guests. I still need to pick up the footstool and the bookshelf.


Patti Auburn said...

The nursery is looking good. It's amazing the stuff you got for free.

Miss Kris said...

The colors in the blanket you made for lil' bean inspired me to paint the room the color that it is!