Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Did I mention the snow?

The fluffy white stuff is not helping at all with getting stuff done for our new house. The snow and very cold weather in the city has prevented people from getting to work. The status right now: the inspection has been done by the city for the certificate of occupancy, but the person who is meant to process the paperwork hasn't been in the office. Lameness. We were at our apartment tonight trying to get as much cleaning done as possible but left when it started to sleet. The roads get pretty treacherous when they get icy due to all of the hills. Although our lease ends tomorrow, we were given permission to take a bit longer to move out of our apartment. Dustin called the owner of our building and told her our situation (he still works for the company managing another building). Since our apartment hasn't been rented yet, she gave the OK for us to take a couple of extra days to move out.

The waiting game continues.

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