Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Long overdue

Honeymoon Day 1

Our flight to NYC left Seattle at 7AM on Saturday with a layover in Cincinnati. We arrived in Cincinnati to find that our connecting flight had been cancelled. Delta put us on a flight that went to Atlanta and then to NYC. No thank you! We requested to be changed to a different flight going into the NJ airport. Due to the cancellation, they gave us a couple of food vouchers so we had some lunch while we waited for our flight. We arrived at our gate to find they had overbooked the flight and were asking for volunteers to take the next flight. After some discussion, we decided to take the $400 in flight vouchers and more meal vouchers and spend a few more hours waiting in the airport. Plus, we flew first class. Finally, we arrived in NY around 10PM. We checked into our room that Jill reserved for us with her frequent traveler points and found she had ordered us a bottle of wine and cheese plate that was waiting for us in our room. Unfortunately, our luggage didn’t make it at the same time we did. However, our luggage was delivered to our hotel by the time we woke up in the morning. We went out to find a place to have a drink but found only disappointing atmospheres. The people in New York are much yuppier than I expected.

Honeymoon Day 2

We didn’t have any definite plans for our first full day in NY except to have brunch with Brad. We decided to walk because the best way to explore a city is by foot. We met Brad and his friend, Megan, at a vegetarian restaurant that he picked out. After a tasty meal, we parted ways with Brad & Megan and strolled through Central Park. The area was really crowded due to the NYC Marathon. As we were walking by the Children’s Zoo in the park, I spotted Estelle sitting in the zoo. She, Jean, Charlie and a couple of their friends were headed out of the Zoo so we met them at the exit. We knew they’d be in NYC at the same time we would be, but I didn’t imagine we’d randomly run into them! We chatted for a bit while walking out of the park and then parted ways. Our next stop was The Apple Store on 5th Avenue. We picked up a few things and then headed out – the store was too crowded to spend much time there. After that, we wandered around the city exploring the different areas. One of our stops was Macy’s – the store was huge and confusing. One fun thing was riding a wooden escalator – who knew there was such a thing? We continued to explore with no particular destination. At one point, we were hungry and needing some food but could not find a place to eat. Our legs were tired and we needed to rest so it was a little frustrating to be a little lost. Finally, we did find a place to rest and afterwards, we headed over to Greenwich to get some dinner and catch the movie, “”Borat”.

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