Monday, November 27, 2006

The saga continues

Woe is me. Our poor kitties must spend another night alone in an empty apartment. The excuse today? Snow. That's right folks - it's been snowing in the city a little and snowing a lot outside of the city. Apparently, the key people to make the Certificate of Occupation happen are snowed in today. Somehow, i don't believe them. All of our stuff sits in our new house that we cannot occupy. Our furry friends along with the ones that live in tanks must stay in our old apartment. We've been staying at Chris' house.

There has been other things that haven't been happening as they should be, but I don't feel like going into that house drama. I'm tired.

In other news, the snowboarding at Crystal this past Saturday was fantastic! We've been experiencing a nice front that has been continuously dumping snow in the mountains. We may have to make an impromtu trip to Mt. Baker this weekend so we don't miss out on that fluffy goodness. They've been getting tons of snow! Next weekend, me, Tony, Chris and Julie are headed up to Whistler for our first trip up there for this season.

More good news! Alyssa Wolff was born on Saturday, 11/26 at 1:15 AM. She is precious! Tony & I will need to plan a trip to Naples soon to meet our newest niece.

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