Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Intermission for a house update

I have the basis written for our honeymoon story, but there are revisions that need to be made. My extra time right now is being devoted to getting ready to move.

It hasn't been going as smooth as hoped. We've been meeting with delays at every corner that are out of our control. We signed all of the paperwork today, but Title is still waiting for some info from the seller. This info should have been requested a week or so ago but it was not. Now we wait. Fortunately, Chris the Seller is very understanding and will be giving us the keys tomorrow when we do the final walk-through so we can move over the weekend. It has been an unexpected nightmare, but we'll get through it. Our evenings have been spent packing in preparation for the movers on Friday. The closing may not occur until next week :(

It has been raining here and cold enough for snow in the mountains. Yay! We did go snowboarding last weekend but the conditions weren't good. The snowboarding this coming up weekend will be much better. Yes, we are going to take a day off from moving to go snowboarding. We just can't help it!

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