Monday, June 25, 2007

Atlanta trip

Me and Tony at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Thanks to Betsy for the picture!

Recap of our last vacation being able to travel lightly: we arrived in Atlanta Thursday night and went out for a lovely dinner to a restaurant I cannot remember the name of. We stayed with Betsy at her very cute house with her very cute animals and her very cute girlfriend, Sarah. Friday, Betsy and I went to yoga in the morning and then the 4 of us met up with Amanda, T and the other Amanda for brunch at a place called Delish or something like that. Afterwards, we went shopping for Tony - he was in desperate need of appropriate clothing for Georgia weather. The 4 of us (me, Tony, Betsy and Sarah) met up for dinner with Sandy, Heather and Amy at a place called Harry and Sons. They serve Thai and sushi which seems weird to me, but is a common combination in Atlanta. Afterwards, we went to see Feist. Fun day!

On Saturday, we met T & Amanda for brunch at The Flying Biscuit. Yummers! The Botanical Gardens were on the agenda for the day. Beautiful! That evening, we went to a bbq anniversary party. Sunday was a relaxing day before heading to the airport to come home to Seattle.


Anonymous said...

How'd you get that head piece to balance on your head???

Amanda said...

i SO wish we could have joined you at the gardens--Betsy's pictures were fun!