Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Friday so I'm allowing myself to procrastinate

Our trip to Atlanta was too short but still lots of fun. I took lots of pictures during our trip to the botanical gardens - they're posted to my Flickr album. We were sad that Kik & Amy didn't make it up, but they are going to try to visit us in Seattle in the near future.

This weekend is all about family visits and the baby shower! Tony's mom & niece arrived Wednesday night, Dad & Carolyn arrived last night and Jenn is arriving tonight. The skin on my belly hurts and I'm expecting stretch marks to show up any day now. I have red spots on my skin that makes it look like someone has been giving me hickies above my belly button.

I need a nap.

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Amanda said...

So many things to look forward to! ;)
i hear that Vitamin E and cocoa butter are great for easing those stretch marks, but i'm sure you've already got that covered.
Have fun with your family!!