Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Final Countdown

Business Calculus: done and passed! I got 100% on my take home final and an embarrassing score on my in-class exam. I left the exam not knowing if I scored high enough to pass the class, but I did. My overall grade in the class was a solid B. I have come to the conclusion that I just test terribly when it comes to math. Now it's on to Accounting, Finance and Economic classes. I'm hoping that my brain stores this knowledge differently so it will not blank out during test time.

This weekend, I focus on my final project for Business Ethics. I have until Friday to complete it, but really would like to finish it ASAP. It would be awesome if I could get it done this weekend so then I can be D-O-N-E after my last class Monday night. I am so ready to start focusing on nesting and getting ready for the baby. Although it's late spring, I am ready to delve into spring cleaning.

The heat wave we've been experiencing here is almost over. It has been making the office miserably hot and my guess is that it will cost the building owner a big chunk of money to properly fixed it. We'll keep on bugging him until the environment is comfortable to work in. I just do not feel right asking our employees to work in such terrible conditions. The weather is meant to be cloudy and in the mid 60's next week, so no suffering then. I typically do not wear tank tops to work, but did all last week. The heat was just too much. I also haven't been sleeping as well as I would like. I don't know if it's the heat, hormones or stress.

Damn. The prenatal yoga class I was planning on taking today was cancelled. Good thing the one tomorrow was not. I'm going to be diligent about attending yoga in these last couple of months because I've heard it really helps with labor. I've started reading up on HypnoBirthing...very interesting. I'm hoping to pick the brains of Rachel and Angie to see what methods they used to make their natural births successful.

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