Sunday, June 10, 2007

Who me? Rest? Never!

Whew! I am pooped!

The next few weeks will be busy; I started off hitting the ground running. This weekend, I painted the downstairs room in preparation of moving the office down there so we can start setting up the nursery upstairs. I will post before & after pictures once it's all situated. This was the first time I have ever painted a place where I have lived. I could never paint the walls in any of my rental apartments for all of these years. It was great fun! I'm taking a break while the second coat dries and am a bit nervous about taking off the tape - that's when you notice all of your mistakes. Per recommendation, I used American Pride paint and am quite pleased with it. The color is called Almondine and Cory described it as a pale avocado. I wanted something light since the room is so small. We'll be busy moving the office down there the rest of this week before heading to Atlanta on Thursday.

I'm still waiting on my grade for Business Ethics. I have no idea what I got on my last two projects, but I think I did well. Final grades are due this Thursday.


Amanda said...

Hey! It was so great to see you two in ATL this weekend. Sorry we didn't get more time to hang out, but having TWO breakfasts was a wonderful treat. :)
i promise we'll make it out your way really soon!

Tony said...

And for those doubting the honesty of my drunken blather, please see my very well informed blog post on mind control parasites.