Tuesday, June 26, 2007

That 'New House' Smell

We've lived in our house for 6 months now and moved in right after construction was (almost) complete. This past weekend, we had family come in from out of town and stay with us. We received the comment multiple times that our house still smells 'new'. What is that new house smell? I'll tell you what it is: the chemicals and crap used to build the house are still giving off fumes. Tony & I no longer notice it but it's apparently still there. The paint, carpet, glue, treated wood, etc, will be giving off fumes for who knows how long. It makes me sad.

The thing that was even worse? My dad thinks he might have been suffering from an allergic reaction from all of it. He couldn't stay in the house for very long before feeling sick. LAMENESS.

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Amanda said...

V.O.C.s --volatile organic compounds. It was such an uproar when they recarpeted Dept. of Env. Prot. cause everyone was having reactions and freaking out about it.
i would just keep the windows open when you can and run ceiling fans to air it out as much as possible.
Sorry--that does suck!