Monday, January 09, 2006

Broadband woes

Not too long ago, Tony decided to change us over to cable broadband internet at home. Since our apartment is very old, our phone wiring is also very old and we weren't getting the desired speed with DSL. Tony hosts a server at home so we need a decent connection.

When we first got cable, we thought it was the bee's knees. It was super fast. Then, we found that most of the time it is so slow it's pretty much unusable. I've attempted several times to upload new pictures to Flickr and my connection times out. It's The Suck and makes me cry. Especially since he signed a year contract.

Now we have DSL and cable broadband. The server is on the DSL connection and we use the cable for our browsing. Did I also mention that he got a business account for the static IP addresses and better support? The support part is laughable. They only provide business support during business hours which does us no good at all. $150 a month for crap. *cry*

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betsy said...

guess it's different everywhere. i love our cable high-speed. sorry you're having troubles!