Sunday, January 15, 2006

What all good girlfriends do

They give their illnesses to the ones taking care of them!

By the time I made it to the doctor's on Thursday, I had a tempurature of 102. She gave me an antibiotic to fight off the bronchitis and sinus infection and also Robitussen with codeine to suppress the cough. My fever didn't break until late afternoon, so Thursday was a pretty miserable day. Tony started coughing that evening and woke up with a fever Friday morning. Oops. He went to the doctor and found that he wasn't as bad off as I was. Cold: yes. Infection: no. Poor guy has been on the couch all weekend. I tried going into work on Friday but left after I started to run a fever again.

I have been feeling a little better and made it out yesterday to run an errand. Today, I went over to Sunny's for a waffle brunch. The activity does wear me out, but at least I can get up off the couch and get stuff done! I can't wait to be healthy again.

Good news! Julie sold her house! This is such a huge relief. It will be nice to have her around and not be so stressed.

It didn't rain today so we didn't break the record of rainy days in a row. There has been so much snow in the mountains that Mt. Baker couldn't even open this weekend due to avalanche danger! It is meant to warm up this week and the snow level will be going up which means that the conditions won't be as good next weekend as they were this weekend. Oh well.

I have been experiencing exhaustion again for no apparent reason these last few weeks. I'm going to get lab work done this Friday to see how my thyroid is doing.

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