Thursday, January 19, 2006

Teaches of Peaches

The campus visit went really well. I found out that there are no prerequisits, but it would be very beneficial to me to take some basic business courses. The application deadline is April 15th - 4 essays! Ack! I'll also have to study for and take the GMAT before that. Eek! I can take the courses at a community college over spring & summer.

So that's the plan, stan. Tony & I have to talk about it more. Since it's a 3-year commitment, we have to think about how my student loans might effect us getting a house. They had a panel of former students talk about how the program effected different aspects of their lives. They all mentioned multiple times that it can really strain your personal relationships because you have to dedicate so much of your time to school.

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betsy said...

sounds like a tough decision... but how exciting to be doing so well already at work and considering your further education. that's pretty fantastic!