Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Time to pay attention

I have something to admit - my diet has gone to crap since I moved back to Seattle. Well, crap for me. I used to have a really clean diet but it seems I have gotten lazy in my old age. I'd like to contribute all of my weight gain to hypothyroidism, but I think my diet is also part of it.

Since I've been having problems with fatigue lately, I'm trying to pay more attention to what I eat to see if that helps. I'm trying to eat more whole foods instead of processed foods and also eat lots of fresh vegetables. It's hard to get back into the habit and it's a lot more work. If I make something that Tony doesn't want to eat, he eats something like chips and nuts for dinner. I'm concerned about his health, too, since I love him and all.

OK, enough of the rambly. I gots to work now.

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betsy said...

oh it is hard to eat healthy sometimes! i am lucky because lindsay likes to cook and always makes something i like :)