Sunday, April 01, 2007

The belly grows

A little movie Tony made to see the comparison of the belly growth. 7 weeks, 15 weeks, 17 weeks, 19 weeks and 21 weeks.

And..AND...I can definitely feel the little guy moving around today. This ain't no fluttering, I tell you. All of the books say it will feel like a 'flutter'. It's much more definite to me. I felt something strange on Friday as we were driving home from work and thought, 'maybe...' but then didn't feel anything again. This morning, I was laying in bed with a kitty wrapped around my head and another on my legs. My hand was resting on my lower abdomen and I felt him move under my hand. Surprise! I thought my brain was playing tricks on me because there is no way I can actually feel movement with my hand this early in the pregnancy, right? But then it happened again. I have felt him multiple times since sitting here writing this post. I think it was the rich, fancy French food I ate last night at Jill's birthday dinner.

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Kendra said...

Every time I click on here to comment, all I want to say is EEEEEEEKKKK! I have never been very good with words when I am excited. ;)