Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lil' bean update

We saw Dr. McDermott today for our monthly check-up. Everything is peachy - she said my weight gain (or lack thereof) is just fine. When she saw that bean is a boy, she asked about circumcision and was extremely relieved and happy that the turtle will not be decapitated. She told us about 40% of her patients want their boys to be circumcised. The reason? The dads want their sons to look like them :(

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Estelle said...

The also have pubic har plugs, testicular implants, and penile pumps to increase size. Oh, and they dye their head hair and wear colored contacts in case dad has a different hair or eye color.
The girls, of course, get breast implants.

Seriously, who thinks kids actually notice that on their dad? They notice the size and the hair. By the time they are looking even remotely alike (hair, larger penis, etc), they're not seeing their dad naked anymore.

I would like to know what households are actually participating in this nightly genital comparison between father and son. I think it sounds kinda perverted, don't you?

Simple answer for dad. He can always restore. Then they'll look alike and no one has anything (else) removed. Everyone's happy, and father and son have matching cocks.