Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's been one of those weeks

Whew! Work has been exciting but not in a good way. It's been keeping me awake at night thinking about it. Nothing devestating, but one thing after another keeps happening.

I brought the banana bread into work and it was a huge hit. I highly recommend the recipe.

I'm finding the movement of lil' bean to be very comforting. I still don't feel like I'm eating enough...I'm always hungry! There is never enough food around. I am one pound away from my prepregnancy weight - I think I'll be back up to 125lbs next week!

Thanks to generous birthday gifts from the parents, I now have a better desk chair for home and will be ordering a deep tissue back massager. I was able to sit at my desk for 3 hours last night without any back pain. Fabulous! From friends, I received lovely bath items for the much needed baths to soothe pregnancy pains that will come in the 3rd trimester. I'm also wearing the new earrings that were also a gift.

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Amanda said...

When all else fails, there is always the banana bread. :)
Hope we get to see you guys really soon!