Monday, April 02, 2007

The First Comment

When my belly is bare and I'm showing it off on purpose, I look pregnant. However, I think that it may be iffy to a stranger. Yesterday, I was wearing one of my regular t-shirts that still fits so it was pretty tight. While I was out shopping for clothes for Tony, the salesperson helping me asked me about my pregnancy! You know, is it a boy or a girl and when your due date is and whatnot. This was the first time a stranger said something about me looking pregnant!

Honestly, I think that people might be afraid that I'm not pregnant and that if they say something, I'll be offended because I look pregnant but just have a belly. I know this will be changing in the next few weeks as my belly continues to grow.

I'm still fluctuating between 123 lbs and 124 lbs. My pre-pregnancy weight: 125 lbs. I promise that I am not starving lil' bean. I feel like I'm eating all the time. Speaking of eating, I hear a baked acorn squash calling my name...

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