Saturday, April 07, 2007


After a couple of days of feeling lil' bean move around, I didn't feel much of anything until Thursday. Tony felt him moving around, too! Bean's been pretty active the past couple of days. The best way to describe it is it feels like popcorn popping in my belly.

School went pretty well this week. I'm going to need to put in a lot of time into the Calculus class outside of class. I am slow when figuring out problems on my own - this is a problem when we do our group assignments at the end of the class. I feel bad for not contributing because my other group members figure the problems out so much quicker than I. Fortunately, the instructor put all of the Powerpoint lectures up so I can actually look ahead to see what we'll be going over in class to prepare myself. Now I just need to start doing that! My plan for today is to study up on the math, complete my homework that is due on Monday and maybe start on my taxes. I want tomorrow to be my fun day in celebration of my birthday. We are having dinner with several friends at Tamarind Tree tomorrow evening. Tony & I enjoy the food there immensely and it will be the first time for many of our friends. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

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Amanda said...

i have to take Calculus over the summer and i am SO scared.