Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Very Nice Sunday

As Tony was helping me with my Calculus homework last night, we discovered why it seemed so hard to get the correct answers: my lovely Mac OS was not displaying the equations correctly. Bah! If my score is low, I'm going to email my instructor. We reinstalled Windows on the laptop so I won't have this problem any longer.

A coworker brought in very ripe bananas into work on Friday. I grabbed them and am currently baking banana bread. I've never made it from scratch before. The recipe got very high ratings on VegWeb so my expectations are high! I do have to admit - I used eggs instead of egg substitute. If any of my vegan / egg allergic friends come for a visit, I'll make it without eggs for them :)

We received large baking potatoes and leeks in this week's produce box. You know what that means: potato leek soup! Still have to squeeze in the soups before the warm weather is upon us. It will serve as a few tasty lunches this week. Last weekend, I made a vegetable soup that was quite tasty if I say so myself. I should go check on the status of my boiling potatoes.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Uh, can we come to your house for dinner?! Yum.
i adore banana bread AND potato/leek soup. You are a rock star. ;)
Can't wait to see you guys again--when is the big ATL trip?