Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Lately, I've been thinking about the purpose of this journal aka blog. I'm not sure if I'm really satisfied with the hum-drum of 'this is what I did this weekend' and that be it. If a random person stumbled across this thing, they would prolly think that I am a boring person. B-O-R-I-N-G. Why do I care? Well, I really don't care what others think. But, I do enjoy reading other people's blogs. Yes, I read the blogs of strangers. Lots of people do it. A lot. And I'm not a boring person. Most of the time. What I did tonight was pretty boring. I studied and then I watched a lecture on DVD. When it got to the practice problems, I laid my tired body down and promptly snoozed. Just like I did when I was in high school / college.

It's all about effort. Maybe. You see, I could write in a more interesting way if I take the time to do it. The question is, do I want to? Sometimes I think 'yes', others I think 'I don't have the time'. The truth is, I can make time for everything I want to do. It's all about how I choose to spend my time. I am very aware that I don't really spend my time the way I would truly like to. Well folks, I'm prepared to change that. Let's just see if I can stick with that desire and not get lazy. I sometimes feel like laziness is the bane of my existence. The 'maybe' part is this: being in a relationship often comes first. Blogging isn't something you do when you are hanging out with your significant other. You do things together where you interact. However, the 'thing' we often do is watch T.V. and, well, that is getting pretty boring. Unless it's Lost, Veronica Mars or The Office.

Now I feel the need to defend something I just said about myself (for no particular reason other than to defend it in my own head). I said I was lazy. It's only laziness in my Type A brain. If I'm not doing something every waking second, I feel lazy. I know that I'm not really lazy unless I'm being judged by another person who is Type A. Actually, I've had to force myself to be lazy because those around me were uncomfortable with my need to be constantly productive.

Well, it's getting late and I should probably stop rambling. I just wanted to say that I love my family and I love my Kik & Betsy and you all are the reason why I write this thing.

p.s. If you read this and I didn't say I love you it's because I don't know that you read this. So there.
p.p.s Before I published this, I did the spell check. It didn't recognize the word 'blog'. I find that very funny.


Kiker said...

I don't think you are boring at all! And it seems as though I am part of your target audience!

PLEASE email me Tony's last name. I am trying to do the invites... and, well, I am at a loss!

Love you!

betsy said...

i for one am glad to have this little page to make me feel a little more connected to my far away friend.

i contemplate the same things about blogging... seems the more popular pages are from people who are uber-personal or ulta political/feminist/etc... that takes SO much time and energy.