Monday, April 24, 2006

Ode to a useless Monday

The day started off like any other Monday. My sleep the prior night was restless and I awoke thinking how nice it would be to sleep in. We get to work early due to light traffic and I find out right away that two of our pharmacies in North Carolina can no longer ship due to a new state regulation. Shortly thereafter, our internet connection goes down (about 10:30 AM). It’s now 1 PM and it’s still been down so I resorted to drafting this in Word. We are all extremely limited to the work we can accomplish w/o internet. Tony & I go out to grab some lunch. First, we try Whole Foods. They didn’t plan very well and made their parking lot too small. After trying to procure a spot for a bit, we decided to scrap that idea and go to Taco Time (much to my dismay). We get back to the office and I take a bite out of my bean & cheese burrito and bite into a rock. Not a tiny, little thing but a good sized rock. Ow. How unappetizing. I told Tony that I will not be going to Taco Time again. Ever.

This weekend was pretty alright. Friday night, I opted to stay home and read my book for bookclub instead of going to a local bar with Tony, Natalie & Jeremy. I had to wake up early on Saturday for an information session at Seattle University regarding their MBA program. I found out a lot of good information and am excited about their program. When I got home, I got a call from Julie tempting me to go to the zoo with her. Alas, I had to decline so I could stay home and study. Saturday evening, we went to Solomon’s house for his birthday party. Lots of fun was had.

I did get to sleep in for a little bit on Sunday but it didn’t really feel like it since we got home at 3:30 AM the night before. I headed to bookclub and picked Sandi & Patti up along the way. After bookclub, I dropped Sandi off and went over to Teresa’s to hang out with her to catch up for a bit and meet her little puppy, Piper. Later in the evening, we went over to Chris’ to bbq and hang out until I fell asleep on the couch.

OK – I suppose I should find something else to do that doesn’t require an internet connection.

Edit before I post: It’s 3 PM and we are still down.

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