Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Almost-Birthday Post

I am almost 32. 32!

We hired an accountant here at work. Previously, we were outsourcing our bookkeeping and now we are bringing it in-house. The person is really nice but very quiet. We're hoping he'll open up as he becomes more comfortable working here. I was occupied at the beginning of this week showing him the financial stuff I do and now he's at our current accountant's office getting trained.

With the addition of a new employee, we are having to move things around here and reorganize where people sit. I think I've got it pretty well covered as long as everyone else does there part like wiring and building walls.

I made it to my class orientation on Tuesday in time but the instructor did not. The class is totally self-motivated. Nothing and I mean nothing is due until the last day of the class (June 6th). Our first two tests are open book and our last test is open note. The only homework we have is to answer 10 problems over the next 3 months. I would have to try to fail this class! Of course, I will not. I plan on getting all of my work done ASAP and then read/study the last two chapers that our final test will be on as the date gets closer. If I get it out of the way now, I can focus on planning the wedding and studying for the GMAT.

Oh yeah! the birthday thing. I have a profile on My Space as do many of my friends. I received a comment today from They Might Be Giants wishing me a happy birthday! It made me giggle. I love TMBG :D

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Kiker said...

Happy, happy birthday Ssssssssnake!

Miss you so much!