Monday, April 17, 2006

How to keep an 11-year-old entertained

It's not too hard when it's just a long weekend. Casey's flight got in at 5pm on Friday. Tony picked him up at the airport, came back to the house, loaded up the car and then went to Chris' to pick him up. We headed up to Mt.Baker and stopped at Casa que Pasa for some eats and to meet up with Adrianne & Josh.

We awoke Saturday morning to find it snowing outside. Sweet! We totally didn't expect the snow levels to get that low. We headed up to the ski resort and delt with the insane crowds. They only had one lodge open so things seemed much busier than normal. We finally got all situated and headed up to the top of the mountain. Adrianne, Josh and Chris took off to do the extreme stuff while Tony & I took Casey on mellower stuff. This was Casey's first time boarding in powder. He learned his lesson the hard way:

Even though he had to dig himself out of powder several times, he said it was the best day he's ever had snowboarding. The snow was really excellent and we all had lots of fun. We headed back to Seattle where Casey promptly went to bed; he was a bit worn out from all of the fun.

Sunday, the three of us went to the Aquarium with Amanda, Julie, Chris, Heather, Greg, Kara and Solomon. Afterwards, we grabbed some pizza in Pike Place Market and then went back to Capitol Hill for awhile. Greg (Tony's brother) & Kara hung out for a bit before heading back to Auburn. Later in the afternoon, I took Casey down to Cal Anderson Park which is just a few blocks from where we live. He really liked the fountains and I could tell that he wanted to get in but knew that he shouldn't.

Blahblahblahandblahblah. Tony took the day off today and will be taking Casey to the Space Needle and stuff. His flight leaves this afternoon.

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