Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who's got time? I do...not.

Oh yeah! Who's slacking right this second? I am! I had a little brain overload where I started pulling out my hair so I decided to take a little break. The lack-of-internet yesterday made today more hectic. I'm drowning in work a bit and know I can get it all done this week, but everyone wants it done yesterday. Oy vey.

Last night, I did a really good job at avoiding studying by going grocery shopping and stuff. I did eventually study, but not for as long as I needed to. I'll be back to the grind tonight and will hopefully be more productive.

I tried distracting myself with laundry last night but found that our community washing machine was broken. Great. There will be a fight for it once it's back up and running. I might run out of clean underwear by then. I'm going to try and get in a load tonight.

My brain is still overloaded but I can't avoid the work any longer. Good thing it's almost time to go home.

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