Monday, April 10, 2006

People like me! They really like me!

Jill & William's wedding reception was lovely. It made us change our minds re: hiring a professional photographer. Theirs did a really nice job so now I'm going to bug Jill to see how much s/he was.

My birthday day was just how I wanted it. We slept in and then had brunch with Chris, Amanda, Natalie, Jeremy and Julie at Cafe Flora. I was sung to a total of 4 times, but not at the restaurant. Natalie gave me flowers & chocolate and Amanda gave me this rad magnetic necklace. And then the big gift that is from just about everyone I know - a freaking Mac laptop! We're waiting for the ones to come out that have the Intel chip, so I don't have it in hand yet and I'm not really sure which one I'm getting. How awesome is that?! I even think everyone at work put money in the pile to get me this thing. I was planning on buying a laptop after the wedding for grad school but now I'll get to play with it before then. So awesome!

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent being mellow which was exactly what I wanted. I suppose that means I'm getting old.

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betsy said...

you have fabulous friends.