Thursday, March 30, 2006


It really does feel like it's been one of those weeks. Whew! I want it to slow down NOW! On Monday, we went to see Metric at The Showbox. Typically, the all-ages shows end pretty early. Not this one! There were two opening bands and the show didn't end until after one. I was so grumpy the next day from not getting enough sleep, but it was well worth it. It was a great show. AND! We ran into Tate (old friend from college) and his ladyfriend. Good Times!

So my supreme grumpiness on Tuesday made my whole day bad. I do not do well without enough sleep. Wednesday was better but I have so many things going on at work that my head is spinning. It will slow down soon enough, but damn! Anyway, I finally did my taxes and emailed my instructor. I have class orientation on Tuesday. Whee. OK, must get back to work now. Not enough hours in the day!

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