Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday always seems to come about again too quickly

This weekend just flew by.

We had fun at Mt. Baker on Saturday. They have gotten so much snow this season that it has really changed the terrain.

I have heard that some fear that we will get caught in an avalanche or something like that. The likelyhood of that is slim. The way people most often get hurt when doing snow sports is 1) colliding with another boarder/skier; 2) colliding with a tree; or 3) falling on unforgiving ground like packed ice or rocks. The likelyhood of these incidents causing major injury is also slim. I had a kid run into me on Saturday and I just have a lovely bruise on my shin. That's the typical injury.

When I arrived home on Saturday night, I relaxed with a bath and watched some TV. I ended up spending 5 hours at work on Sunday before heading home and cleaning before Tony got home. He and Chris arrived around 7 and we hung out for the rest of the night. Tony & I watched an incredibly depressing movie: House of Sand and Fog.

oh yes - Happy Spring!

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