Thursday, March 16, 2006

I fixededed the link to Tony's pictures in the prior post. We are going to Chris' house tonight to finally see the video from their heliboarding trip. It is hella expensive to heliboard and then they make you pay $75 for the movie and $15 for a picture. It's ridiculous!!! With that being said, chris was the only one who bought the movie. The intentions are for him to make copies and disperse to those that were also on the trip.

Work has been keeping me busy this week; it always does when I take a Monday off. I think I may come in on Sunday to get some busy work done that I let pile up. I have been in the mood to spring clean lately - I think it's in preparation of not having much free time in the near future. Eeep. We haven't done any wedding stuff lately which is why I haven't posted anything. No news. We are going to be going in for a tasting next Thursday with the caterer, but that's about it.

Oh look! Almost time to go home!

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