Sunday, March 05, 2006


On Friday night, we went out to dinner with Julie, Sunny and Chrisbee to celebrate the selling of Julie's house and the proceeds getting deposited into her account. Yay!

There wasn't a whole lot of snowfall this past week so we decided to venture over to Alpental on Saturday. It's the closest resort to us and was my first time going! We had a ton of fun and Tony took pictures! We spent the beginning of the day on double-black diamonds and the end of the day in the back country. The hike was really easy and the snow was still really great back there! We will definitely be going back. The one thing that sucked - the food. Ugh. But now we know to bring along some food next time.

I was pretty productive on Sunday with cleaning and stuff. We went over to Julie's around 4 to watch Oscar stuff on her fancy HD flat panel TV.

The weekend gets a Thumbs Up!

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