Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fingers crossed, please!

So we're putting an offer up on a house - our agent is on his way over with the offer letter. An offer was already submitted to the owners but they sent it back so we still have a chance. If a bidding war starts, we'll likely have to bow out since the house is already above our price range. Per Jenn's request, here's a link to the place.

The price is a stretch for us, but it's doable if we watch our pennies. The updating we want to do to the house will definitely increase the value without costing us too much. Plus, it's a place that is large enough for us to stay in once our family starts to grow.

Keep your fingers crossed! I'm not allowing myself to get too excited yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kris (&Tony) -

I see, I see! I can already visualize your furniture in the house - and not much needed to update. What a convenient location - is there much noise from the 90? Wow - a HOUSE!!! Fingers crossed for you...keep me posted:)

With love,