Saturday, October 28, 2006

Too nervous for a title

3.5 hours until my exam. I'm trying not to be too nervous. Nerves do not help with the standardize test-taking. If all goes well today, I won't have to fork out another $250 in an attempt to get into grad school. I figure if I can't get a high enough score today, I shouldn't be attempting grad school anyway.

So tonight, I will get to socialize and not feel guilty that I am not studying. Tomorrow, I want to have a leisurely brunch, do a little shopping, do some cleaning around the house that I've been neglecting and finish up paperwork (voter's ballot, Escrow, mortgage).

Thank you, Jenn, for the message this morning :D

Inspection has been moved to Tuesday at 1pm. This weekend, we will be filling out as much paperwork as we can - I think the last thing that will need to get done for the homeowner's insurance ppwk is the appraisal. That really can't be done until the house is finished a bit more. Need to get that all set up before I can send back the Escrow ppwk. Our goal is to have everything done before we leave next Saturday so all we have to do is sign the closing paperwork when we get back from Prague.

Time to do some last-minute review of the math problems that give me anxiety!

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betsy said...

i can't beLIEVE how much i've missed!!! the house looks fabulous! i hope your exam went well.

i love you and think about you every day :) glad things are ging so well.