Sunday, October 15, 2006

Let's try it again

We put up an offer on another place today. This one is a brand-new townhouse in the Mt. Baker/Columbia City/Rainier Valley/Genesee area. The area is going through a lot of changes (bluntly: Gentrification) and the location is prime. The pictures aren't much to look at since the places aren't even finished. However, I can say that it is the best laid-out townhouse we have viewed and it is really well-built.

We came across this place when we first started looking but didn't jump on it right away because we weren't really sure if we wanted to buy in that area and we were hoping that we could find a house. The last few weeks have been a great learning experience and it really helped us figure out what we want right now for our money. At first, we thought we'd want a smaller place where we could build a lot of equity quickly by making renovations and then sell it in 2 years. However, the houses that we were finding were at the top of our price range and we wouldn't have the money to do the necessary renovations within the next two years. We did see a condo this weekend that was well under our price range where we could easily renovate the place, but then we decided that we wanted someplace bigger. There was the one townhouse that we've had our eye on that is in the Central District, but it just didn't feel right. There were issues about the layout that we didn't like so we didn't make a move on it since it's at the top of our price range.

After much discussion and a second look, we knew this place was the best we could find for our money and in a location we'd be happy with. It's also large enough so we won't grow out of it anytime in the near future. And let me tell you, the place is swank.

Dustin presented the offer to the listing agent today who also happens to be the builder/developer. We are offering a lower amount than the asking price, so keep your fingers crossed that he agrees to our offer and there is no counter offer!

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