Tuesday, October 24, 2006

House pictures

We showed up for inspection yesterday at 1pm to find that they weren't far enough along for us to have the inspection done. It's been rescheduled for Friday. I did snap a couple of pictures - it will be nice to see the progress. We were pleasantly surprised to find they built a little awning for the front of the place:

Our boss, Ralph, was in the neighborhood visiting a friend so he stopped by. He was very impressed with the cabinets:

Here's Tony & Dustin discussing things - this would be close to our eating area:

Our gas fireplace, slider door and big window. There are big windows throughout to let lots of light in:

Stairs going up to the top floor. The skylight is a nice touch:

Upstairs guest bedroom:

Master bedroom:

I'll take more pictures on Friday. We are very anxious to move in!

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