Thursday, October 05, 2006

A stumble

I was in the middle of printing a mail merge and my printer ran out of ink. D'oh! I decided to take this pause in work to post here because I can.

I must buckle down and start studying for the GMAT again. I scheduled my test for October 28th and making sure I take a print-out of my confirmation this time.

This week, our nights have been filled with TV Season Premeirs. Summer's over and it's time to start watching our TV shows again! We've added one (not sure what I think about watching more TV): Heroes. So, Monday is Heroes, Tuesday is Veronica Mars, Wednesday is Lost and Thursday is The Office. That 3.5 hours of entertainment a week - a.k.a. study breaks.

The gym I was going to during my lunches closed down :( My body is a'hurtin from the lack of exercise. I don't want to pay another sign-up fee and then our office move in 6 months. Ugh. Yes, i know there are other options to gyms for exercise. I could start taking walks during lunch or something. I've been so busy during my lunches that I forget to get up from my desk. Meh.

Julie's mom is arriving in Seattle today. She hasn't come for a visit in 7 years. We are having a big dinner at El Gaucho tomorrow night. It's a pricey steak place, but isn't so pricey for me since their non-meat stuff isn't too expensive.

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